Lesson Plan Format 4

Not all immigrants are legal


Grade Level: 2nd  Bilingual and non

Time Needed: ~ two days

Subject Area: Social Studies

Topic: Immigration


Standards addressed in this lesson:


NCSS Standards-


·         Recognize and interpret how the “common good” can be strengthened through various forms of citizen action.



MMSD Standards-

  • Formulate alternative ways of resolving a problem that is relevant in our community.


Essential Questions:

What is an illegal immigrant?

How does it feel to be an illegal immigrant?

What hardships do illegal immigrants face?


Materials Needed:

  • Journal
  • Movie – Under the Same Moon/Bajo la misma luna
  • KWL chart



  • SWBAT  identify the different ways illegal immigrants are treated in the US creating awareness on this particular group of people
  • SWBAT determine what the conflicts are in the story line of a movie and how they are relevant in society and what could we do as active humane citizens on this issue.



Lesson Context:

This is an optional continuation to lesson three.  This is emphasizing on unfair treatment and challenges illegal immigrant face in today’s society.   The students will have the opportunity to see this unfair treatment in a kid friendly movie.  The main character of the movie is a 9 year old Mexican boy who is in search of his mother in the US after his grandmother died.  This lesson is an optional lesson and does not have to be included with the unit.  Parents and administration permission should be requested before doing this lesson because movie stirs heavy emotions.  However, its story line is very realistic.


Lesson Opening:

  • Discuss with students the different types of immigrants.  Explain to them that there are legal immigrants but that there are illegal immigrants as well. Ask them to write two sentences on what they think on this issue in their journal? Let them know that some of these illegal immigrants have dangerous journeys coming to the US and some even get caught and deported leaving family behind. This will transition into the movie.


·         Play the movie Under the Same Moon/Bajo la misma luna




  • Discuss and determine the conflicts and injustices characters face in the movie. 
  • Have them reflect on their journals based on issues presented in the movie and on what we could do about this issue?  Could we make a change? 


Informal- I will informally assess students based on their responses during discussion to see if they were able to identify the unfair treatment of illegal immigrants in the movie.



·         I will look at the responses written in the journals to see how they feel about the issue and if they would take action on this issue.

·         Continue adding to the KWL chart.